Paul's E-pistle

 What Are You Living For?   Sunday, March 3, 2013

There's a loaded question.  People live their lives for so many different things.  Money, relationships, fame, sports, and the list goes on and on.

When you think how long eternity lasts, why, literally in this world, would we want to live for the here and now?  Why do we spend so much time on our comfort and well being for the few short years that we have here?

You may have heard of the young 19 year old lady who passed away this last week.  She had been to our camp in the past.  I had taught her at her school chapels.  I also taught a young man who sat in those same chapels.  These two seniors graduated in 2012.  They were married just six months ago.  And now she is in eternity.

What did she live for during her short time on this planet?  She lived for Jesus Christ.  And her husband is still living for his Lord.  It was very evident this afternoon at her Celebration of Life.

To hear her husband share as he did told me they both looked to Christ as their total meaning in this life and in eternity.  He shared how God had given him peace in the middle of this incident.  Through all the pain of the last few days, he had a God given peace.

Question on the table is this.  Who or what are you existing for?  If it isn't Jesus Christ and Him alone, you've missed the whole point of why your heart is beating.  To be quite blunt, if you aren't living for loose.

And just like your heart beat can "change" and stop at any time, your purpose for living can change just that quick.  If you haven't been totally and passionately in love with the Lord Jesus Christ, why not change that this second.  

To quote Steven Curtis Chapman:  "Jesus is not a part of my life and He's not a way of life...JESUS IS LIFE".  Is He your life?