Paul's E-pistle

Say Somthin'   Sunday, February 2, 2014

Heard a true story today about a man visiting a country which is against Christianity.  Though I won't share the details, this man was told not to mention Jesus when he got there.  

In the course of his visit, he was asked about a certain area of his life and was asked the reason why he was like he was.  He couldn't lie.  His walk with Jesus was evident through his life and he had to say something.  So at the risk of jail time in a foreign land, he shared that it was because of Jesus and then shared the Gospel.  

End of story was he just got back to the USA where we are FREE to share of our Savior.  Most reading this live in America.  Do you share Jesus?

Shame on us when we don't use the opportunity we have to share the love of our Jesus.  Shame on us when we don't make opportunities to tell of His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.  Of course you have to experience that love to really share it.  If you don't share Christ, you might want to examine relationship with Him and make sure you are His child.

Some day in the United States it may be illegal to be a Christian.  What will you do then?  More important, are you living a Christlike testimony and sharing Him NOW, considering you are free to do that?