Paul's E-pistle

How About Some Batteries   Sunday, October 14, 2014

A while back I purchased something from a shopping channel.  Part of the deal was that I would receive $20.00 of spendable cash for another purchase.  I figured it would come in the mail so when the expiration time was coming up I called and found out it had been in my account and all I had to do was use it.

Hard pressed for time and not wanting to loose my 20 spot, I purchased some motion detection lights, one of which has been sitting in my house in the box for many weeks.

It won't light.  Why?  Because I've never taken the time to install batteries.  It's not going to give off any light until I do so.  Once it has the power, it will light my way.

Acts 1:8 tells us that when we receive Christ, we also receive power to be His witnesses.  The deal is, we need to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to work through us.  

Don't block God's power in you through sin, laziness, or indifference.  Love the Lord with all your heart and you WILL be His witness.  Perhaps even this week, you will see one of your friends place their faith in Jesus!