Paul's E-pistle

It's Not A Walk In The Park   November 16, 2014

This whole Christian thing.  Some would say it's a way to be successful.  Some suggest it's gaining wealth.  Others claim it means never getting sick.  Non of that is truth.

Plain and simple, it's about Jesus paying YOUR penalty and offering forgiveness.  After that, we serve Him because of our great love for Him.

So what about all the folks who say there are many ways to Heaven?  RUN from them!  It's not being intolerant saying there is only one way.  It's out of love.  If a house was on fire and there was only one exit, are you intolerant or are you showing love to direct someone to that one way out?

Preachers who claim that God will make you rich (if you give that ministry money of course).  RUN!  God promises that we will be persecuted for our faith.  He promised to meet our needs, not desires.  

RUN from false gospels.  Folks who say that you must earn your way to Heaven.  

Know the truth and the truth will make you free.  John 8:32

Watch the video below.  He can say it a whole lot better than I can.

Oh, and why not RUN to those who don't know the love of our Savior this week.  Share with them the truth of Jesus.