Paul's E-pistle

I Think He's Happy   Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yup.  I now have yet another pet.  And he's glad to be back home it seems.  Meet "Zippie", my new beta fish.  He so graciously helps me with a magic trick.  This weekend, he traveled to Fairmont, NC and then to Bristol tonight.  I can tell by the way he's swimming right now, he's glad to be back home in his very own tank.

Home is comfortable.  Home is safe.  Home is loving.  Home is where we long to be if it is all those things.

As Christians, we should be "at home" when we are in right relationship with Jesus.  We enjoy reading His word.  We can't wait until the next time we gather in church to worship our God.  We are thrilled when we get the opportunity to share Him with others.  

Why not take a dive into His grace, enjoy HIs presence and swim in His love this week.  Take it from Zippie, there's no place like home.

ps  Zippie is short for:  First Name - Zippidie  Middle Name - Doodaugh