Paul's E-pistle

They Lost Out On That One   Sunday, February 23, 2014

I used to have a television service that started with satellite and then switched over to internet based tv.  It was pretty cool.  The coolest part was that they were a "faith and family values" based service.  Though you still had to be careful, for the most part, all the shows and channels were free from most of the filth you see on regular tv.  Note that I "used" to have it.  The tv service went under and I miss them for sure.

To save some bucks, I paid a year in advance which gave me a free month.  (Always up for a deal).  I had called them after they announced their closing and, since I figured this moral company was probably hurting financially, I told them to just keep the balance of my year's subscription to which they thanked me.  It wasn't much but I figured they could use it.  But yesterday I received a check for that balance.  

Their "bill" had been paid.  They owed nothing.  Yet they went ahead and paid the bill that had already been taken care of.  Reminds me of a lot of people in this world.  Jesus paid the bill of their sin which was death and separation from God.  He has taken care of it.  Yet so many people refuse to simply place their faith in Jesus and try to work their way to pleasing God.  They are trying to pay a bill that has already been paid...and it just won't work.

What are you basing your relationship with God on?  Is it simple, childlike faith in Jesus, trusting Him to forgive you?  Or are you attempting to pay a bill which has already been paid and you can't pay anyway.

So glad God has cleansed me from my sin.  Have you experienced that?