Paul's E-pistle

Redeeming   Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back in "the old days" our family used to collect "green stamps".  I'm not really sure where they came.  All I knew is that we licked them and pasted them in a book.  Then, after so many books, we could "redeem" them at a "redemption center" for goodies.  We would cash them in for free stuff.

Last week I cleaned out my desk drawer.  I found a bunch of postage stamps that were 17cents, 41cents, etc.  I went to the post office and bought amounts of stamps that would add up to the current .49 stamp price so I could "redeem" those stamps.  (If you get a first class letter from me in the near future, expect many stamps on the envelope).  :)

The Bible tells us to "cash in" our time.  In other words, redeem or make good use of our time.  Why?  Because the days are evil.  Our world is in a sinful mess.  Evil is rampant and people all over are falling into satan's traps.  Are you using your time on earth to reach them and to share the love of Christ?

Make it a point this week to redeem your time.  Decide to make a difference in someone's life, sharing Christ and His love with them.

Cash in this week for Jesus!