Paul's E-pistle

All Because of Love   Sunday, March 9, 2014

I had something else in mind to share tonight and perhaps next week I'll tell you a pretty funny story.  But as I was doing my devotional taping for the radio tonight, the Lord changed my direction.

Why did I come home from church and hit the microphone to tell the Moment of Truth listeners about Jesus' death on a cross...all because of love.

Why did I go to church this morning and do a cool magic trick for my teens...all because of love.

Why did I return to church tonight, even though I wasn't teaching but I sat with several of my teens...all because of love.

Why did I go to the church dinner late tonight...all because I'm forgetful  :)

Why am I typing this right now...all because of love

I'm overwhelmed right now with the love I have for each of you reading this.  What causes this love?  It's my love for Christ.  I want everyone to know the joy I have in Jesus.  I want everyone to experience His love and forgiveness.  People all over are searching for a reason to exist.  I have found that reason and I want God to use me this week to share Him with others.

Know Him?  Share Him!  Don't know Him and His forgiveness?  Shoot me an email or message me and I'd love to share what He has done for me and He desires to do for you.  

Why did I do the wave with my youth group during morning worship this's just the way I roll.  :)