Paul's E-pistle

When Pigs Shake   Sunday, August 17, 2014

You might have heard the phrase, "when pigs fly".  It means something probably will never happen.  But have you heard "when pigs shake"?

I offered to help feed the camp pigs this afternoon.  We were hosing out the feed trough and it was wet and muddy as were the pigs.  Then one of the pigs decided to play dog and shake.  Guess who was in the splash zone?

I didn't get it too bad but I did get it.  Point is, and truth is, when you run with pigs you are going to get dirty.

When you run with the wrong crowd, they will drag you down.  When you chill with folks that don't know and love Christ, you are asking for trouble.

Don't shun people.  Non-believers need friends.  They need us to share the wonderful news about the Savior.  But when you have folks who love to sin as your closest friends, you're going to get sucked in.

Love people but love Jesus more.  Stay close to Him, hang with those who love Him, and have Jesus as your best friend.

Oh, and stay clear of pigs...they shake!