Paul's E-pistle

So True Mr. VP   Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recently our Vice President is quoted as saying that ISIS or ISIL, (not sure of the correct term) deserved to go to Hell.  This is so true.  But guess what?  I deserve to go there too.  According to the Bible, we all deserve to end up eternally separated from a Holy God and wind up in eternal torment.

Enter God's awesome grace!  That's right!  God sent His Son Jesus Christ so that you, I, and even ISIS folk could be forgiven.  

It's a gift.  A gift of forgiveness.  And just like a birthday gift, you've gotta accept it.  Have you done that?

I will spend forever in Heaven with Jesus.  Not because I deserve it because I don't.  It's because when I was 12 years old, I placed my faith in Jesus Christ and accepted His free gift of forgiveness.  

Where will you spend eternity?