Paul's E-pistle

Stinky and Stagnant   November 12, 2017
There it was.  As I walked into church it was still there.  It's been there for about a month now.  No one has had the time or know how to get it down.  Way up between the wall and the ceiling was a stink bug.  

As I sat in the foyer this morning I had the idea to get the sign changing pole and see if that would reach.  It did.  And to my surprise, when I bumped it to knock it down, it started flying.  Who knew it was alive!  And how was it alive if it stayed in that one spot for a month.

That had to be a boring life, (unless of course it flew around when we weren't there and came back to the same spot).  How pointless that would be.

Many Christians are just like that.  There walk with Jesus is stagnate and pointless.  Just going through life without a vibrant relationship with Jesus.  How sad, boring and stinky.

This week let's make a intentional effort to talk to Jesus, walk closer to Him, read His word and enjoy our creator.  That's what He created us to do.