Paul's E-pistle

Your Reaction   Sunday, November 5, 2017
Another tragic shooting today in Texas.  I'm sure there will be arguments from the pro and anti gun folk.  This purpose for this isn't to weigh in on either side.  So what reaction am I asking for?

HATE SATAN!!!  We can speculate all kinds of motives and I'm sure as time progresses, we'll find out at least part of this guy's issue.  But simply said, it was satan.  

So here's the deal.  Do you want to serve someone who instigated this massacre, namely satan, or do you want to serve someone who hates what happened more than you do, namely God?

Dunno about you but I'm going into this week with renewed vigor to serve Jesus Christ and do my best to utterly destroy the works on satan.  How about you?

Love God, hate sin,
refuse to loose, live to win!