Paul's E-pistle

Focus   sunday, May 21, 2017
I was in the gym.  We needed hula hoops.  I checked online and then called the dollar store.  They had 8 and asked if I wanted them.  If so, they would hold them.  I said...yup!

I hopped on my golf cart and traveled from the gym to my house.  I grabbed some stuff and flew outside.  I'm on my way.  Headed for my hula hoop prize.  By the time I reached the camp gate I realized something.  I was heading to the store...on my golf cart.  Laughing all the way, I headed back and switched to a more suitable vehicle.

I had lost my focus.  I was focusing on busyness, hula hoops and a time schedule.  I lost my focus on the most important thing at the moment.

Ever loose your focus in life?  It's pretty easy.  Pressures, problems, issues, pass times, or whatever can take our minds from the most important...Jesus.

This week don't loose your focus.  Love the Lord with all your heart.  Focus on Him.