Paul's E-pistle

Makin' Bacon   Sunday, June 11, 2017
Trying to keep on a strict diet.  To do that, I must plan ahead.  Tonight I did just that.  I got some low sodium turkey bacon and went to work.  I'm sampling it now.  (Gotta make sure it tastes good you know).

Planning ahead.  Comes in handy with lots of things.  Have you planned on how you will serve Jesus this week?

Sometimes we just go and do.  But we can plan out a strategy to serve Him.  Planning on sharing Christ with a friend.  Clearing your schedule to worship at your local church.  Getting up a little earlier to spend time with Jesus.

I plan to serve myself bacon this week.  Plan to serve Jesus this week.

Hmm, I better try another piece of bacon tonight just to be sure it's good.