Paul's E-pistle

The New Didn't Work

As per a few months ago, I told you I was switching over to a new mailing list. It had all the benefits, was easier to access, and would help me getting it out in a more timely fashion. Only one didn't work. :) Two things I want to bring out. Number one you already guessed. We're back on the old yahoo group list. Number two, just because it's new and flashy, doesn't make it good. The Bible teaches us that in the last days people will have itching ears. It's not refering to a medical problem but rather people searching for something new, other than God's truth. Old fashioned religion? Not quite. Yes, God's news of forgiveness is as old, (even older) than time itself. But when you except it for your own, you become brand new in Christ. Stay close to Christ and His truth!